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World and National Days 2023


August 2023
DateOrganisation founderPeriodCountry where applicableHoliday typeDescription
1.August International Confederation day in Switzerland
1.August 1914 - present International Day of begining of the first world war
1.August China Chinese army day
1.August International funny Girlfriend's Day
2.August FYR Macedonia national Macedonia's independence day
2.August International funny Ice Cream Sandwich Day
2.August International funny Sisters' Day
3.August 2012 - present International funny International Beer Day
3.August International funny Watermelon Day
3.August International national Niger's independence day
4.August International funny Single Working Women's Day
5.August International funny Work Like a Dog Day
6.August International funny Fresh Breath Day
6.August 1962 - present International national Jamaica's independence day
6.August International International Day "Doctors of the World for Peace"
6.August Bolivia national Bolivia's independence day
7.August International national Brasil's independence day
7.August 1989 - present International funny Lighthouse Day
7.August International national Cote d'Ivoire's independence day
8.August Canada national National Cat Day in Canada
8.August International Fund of Animal Welfare 2002 - present International International Cat Day
8.August Secret Society of Happy People 1999 - present International funny Happiness Happens Day
8.August International Father's Day in Taiwan, Mongolia
9.August Singapore national Singapore's independence day
9.August International funny Book Lovers Day
9.August International International Day of Zoos
9.August United Nations Organisation 1994 - present International UN official International Day of the World's Indigenous People
10.August International World Lion Day
10.August International International Biodiesel Day
10.August International funny Lazy Day
10.August Ecuador national Ecuador's independence day
11.August International funny Son and Daughter Day
11.August International national National day of Chad
12.August United Nations Organisation 1999 - present International UN official International Youth Day
12.August International funny Middle Child Day
12.August International Father's Day in Brasil, Samoa
12.August Chile Chile children's day
12.August Thailand Tjailand Mother's Day
12.August Argentina Argentina Children's Day
12.August Uruguay Uruguay children's day
13.August 1992 - present International funny Left-Handers Day
13.August 1999 - present International International Day of left-handed
14.August International funny Creamsicle Day
15.August International national Congo's national day
15.August Costa Rica Costa Rica Mother's Day
15.August Moldova Financier's day in Moldova
15.August International funny Relaxation Day
15.August 1947 - present India national India's independence day
16.August Paraguay Paraguay children's day
16.August International funny Tell a Joke Day
17.August Peru Peru children's day
17.August International funny Thrift Shop Day
17.August 1945 - present International national
18.August International funny Mail Order Catalog Day
19.August Korske Ara 2009 - present International funny World Photo Day
19.August United Nations Organisation 2003 - present International UN official World Humanitarian Day
19.August International national National day of Afghanistan
20.August International funny Chocolate Pecan Pie Day
21.August International funny Spumoni Day
22.August Jaune Howard Feldman 1993 - present International funny Be An Angel Day
23.August United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 2008 - present International UN official International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition
23.August International funny Ride Like the Wind Day
24.August 1991 - present International national Ukraine's independence day
24.August International Astronomical Union 2006 - present International funny Pluto Demoted Day
25.August International funny Kiss and Make up Day
25.August Uruguay national Uruguay's independence day
26.August Ministry of Education (Republic of China) 2010 - present Taiwan Grandparents' Day in Taiwan
26.August International funny Dog Appreciation Day
27.August Margaret Wolfe Hungerford International funny The Duchess Who Wasn't Day
27.August 1991 - present Moldova national Moldova's independence day
27.August South Sudan Father's Day South Sudan
28.August Mexico Grandparents' Day in Mexico
28.August International funny Bow Tie Day
29.August Edmond Hoyle International funny According to Hoyle Day
29.August United Nations Organisation 2010 - present International UN official International Day against Nuclear Tests
30.August United Nations Organisation 2011 - present International UN official International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances
30.August International funny Frankenstein Day
31.August International national Trinidad and Tobago's national day
31.August International funny Eat Outside Day

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