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World and National Days 2023


July 2023
DateOrganisation founderPeriodCountry where applicableHoliday typeDescription
1.July International funny International Joke Day
1.July Canada Canada's Day
2.July International funny I Forgot Day
2.July International Day of fishermen
2.July International funny World UFO Day
3.July International funny Compliment Your Mirror Day
3.July International funny International Plastic Bag Free Day
3.July 1995 - present International International Day of sports journalist
3.July Belarus national Belarus's independence day
4.July 1776 - present United States of America national United States independence day
4.July United Nations Organisation 1993 - present International UN official International Day of Cooperatives
4.July International funny Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
5.July Venezuela national Venezuela's independence day
5.July International funny Workaholics Day
6.July International Remembrance Day of for Victims of Stalinism
6.July South Sudan South Sudan Mother's Day
6.July International funny World Kissing Day
7.July 2016 - present International World Chocolate Day
7.July International funny Tell the Truth Day
8.July International funny Video Games Day
9.July International funny Sugar Cookie Day
10.July Edmund Clerihew Bentley International funny Clerihew Day
10.July International funny Teddy Bears' Picnic Day
11.July International national National day of Mongolia
11.July International funny Cheer Up the Lonely Day
11.July United Nations Organisation 1989 - present International UN official World Population Day
12.July Henry David Thoreau International funny Simplicity Day
12.July Uruguay Uruguay Father's Day
12.July Australia Australia children's day
13.July International funny Embrace Your Geekness Day
14.July France national National day of France
14.July International funny Pandemonium Day
15.July International funny Gummi Worm Day
15.July United Nations Organisation 2014 - present International UN official World Youth Skills Day
15.July International Day of sultan of Brunei
16.July International funny Corn Fritters Day
17.July David Kelly International funny Yellow Pig Day
18.July United Nations Organisation 2010 - present International UN official Nelson Mandela International Day
18.July International funny Caviar Day
19.July 1949 - present International national Independence day of Laos
19.July Panama Panama children's day
19.July International funny Stick Out Your Tongue Day
19.July Venezuela Venezuela children's day
19.July Cuba Cuba children's day
20.July 1984 - present International funny Space Exploration Day
20.July Colombia national National day of Columbia
20.July 1966 - present International World day of chess
21.July International funny Junk Food Day
22.July International funny Pi Approximation Day
23.July International funny Vanilla Ice Cream Day
23.July Indonesia Indonesia children's day
23.July Egypt Revolution Day in Egypt
23.July International World Day of the Olympic Movement
24.July International funny Cousins Day
24.July Vanuatu Vanuatu children's day
24.July 1970 - present Fiji national Constitution Day in Fiji
25.July International national Constitution Day in Puerto Rico
25.July International funny Culinarians Day
25.July Russia Father's Day in Russia (Defender of the Fatherland Day)
26.July International funny Uncle and Aunt Day
26.July Dominican Republic Father's Day in Dominican Republic
26.July 1984 - present United States of America funny Ice Cream Day
26.July Spain Grandparents' Day in Spain
27.July International funny Take your Pants for a Walk Day
28.July World Health Organization 2012 - present International UN official World Hepatitis Day
28.July International funny Milk Chocolate Day
28.July Peru national Independence day of Peru
29.July International funny Lasagna Day
29.July International Foundation day of the Scout Movement
30.July United Nations Organisation 2011 - present International UN official International Day of Friendship
30.July United States of America funny National Cheesecake Day
30.July United Nations Organisation 2010 - present International UN official World Day against Trafficking in Persons
31.July International funny Uncommon Musical Instrument Day

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