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National holidays


DateOrganisation founderPeriodCountry where applicableHoliday typeDescription
1.February 1865 - present International national U.S. National Freedom Day
3.February Japan national Mandoro - the ignition holiday of lanterns in Casuga temple Japan (Nara - ancient capital)
4.February Sri Lanka national National Day of Sri Lanka
4.February Japan national Risiun - the arrival of the spring in Japan
5.February 1917 - present Mexico national Constitution Day in Mexico
6.February 1840 - present New Zealand national National Day of New Zealand
7.February 1974 - present International national Grenada's independence day
11.February Iran national National Day of Iran
11.February Japan national Japanese Empire Day foundation
16.February 1990 - present International national Lithuanian Independence Day
18.February 1965 - present International national Gambia's Independence Day
23.February 1984 - present International national Sultanate of Brunei Independence Day
24.February 1918 - present Estonia national National Day of Estonia
25.February 1961 - present Kuwait national National Day of Kuwait
27.February International national National Day of Dominican republic

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