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World and National Days 2018


January 2018
DateOrganisation founderPeriodCountry where applicableHoliday typeDescription
1.JanuaryInternationalfunnyPolar Bear Plunge Day
1.JanuaryUnited Nations Organisation1993 - presentInternationalGlobal Family Day
1.JanuaryCatolic ChurchInternationalWorld Day of Peace
1.JanuaryInternationalNew year
2.JanuaryInternationalfunnyBuffet Day
2.JanuaryInternationalfunnyRun it up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes it Day
2.JanuaryInternationalfunnyScience Fiction Day
3.January1960 - presentInternationalRevolution Day in Burkina Faso
3.JanuaryInternationalfunnyFruitcake Toss Day
3.JanuaryInternationalfunnyFestival of Sleep Day
4.January1948 - presentInternationalBurmese Union Day
4.JanuaryInternationalfunnyTrivia Day
5.JanuaryAvian Welfare CoalitionInternationalfunnyBird Day
6.JanuaryInternationalS.O.S Enfants En Detresse
6.JanuaryInternationalfunnyBean Day
7.JanuaryInternationalChristmas on the Julian calendar
7.JanuaryInternationalfunnyOld Rock Day
8.January1851 - presentInternationalfunnyEarth's Rotation Day
9.JanuaryInternationalfunnyStatic Electricity Day
9.JanuaryInternationalfunnyWord Nerd Day
10.JanuaryInternationalfunnyCut Your Energy Costs Day
11.JanuaryInternationalfunnyLearn Your Name in Morse Code Day
11.JanuaryKenyaKenya Welfare Foundation & Kenya Development Network and Consortium
11.JanuaryThailandThailand children's day
11.January1946 - presentAlbaniaDay of the Republic of Albania
11.JanuaryInternationalWorld Day of natural reserves
12.JanuaryInternationalfunnyMarzipan Day
12.JanuaryInternationalfunnyClean Off Your Desk Day
13.JanuaryInternationalfunnyMake Your Dreams Come True Day
14.JanuaryInternationalfunnyOrganize Your Home Day
14.JanuaryInternationalJulian New Year
15.JanuaryInternationalfunnyStrawberry Ice Cream Day
15.JanuaryRomaniaRemembrance Day of Romanian national poet Mihai Eminescu
16.JanuaryHarold Pullman Coffin1973 - presentInternationalfunnyNothing Day
17.JanuaryInternationalfunnyKid Inventors' Day
17.JanuaryInternationalfunnyDitch New Year's Resolution Day
17.JanuaryBenjamin Franklin1706 - presentInternationalfunnyBenjamin Franklin Day
18.JanuaryInternationalfunnyThesaurus Day
18.JanuaryKnox Gardner2006 - presentUnited States of AmericafunnySoup Swap Day
19.JanuaryInternationalfunnyTin Can Day
19.JanuaryNational Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States 1950 - presentInternationalWorld Religion Day
20.JanuaryInternationalfunnyPenguin Awareness Day
20.January1990 - presentAzerbaidjanNational Day Azerbaijan of pain
21.January1964 - presentPolandGrandma's Day in Poland
21.JanuaryChristy McKeown2001 - presentInternationalfunnySquirrel Appreciation Day
22.January1964 - presentPolandGrandpa's Day in Poland
22.JanuaryInternationalfunnyHot Sauce Day
23.JanuaryInternationalfunnyHandwriting Day
24.January1895 - presentRomaniaUnification Day of the Romanian principalities
24.JanuaryInternationalfunnyMacintosh Computer Day
24.JanuaryInternationalfunnyCompliment Day
25.January1755 - presentInternationalStudent's Day in Russia
25.JanuaryInternationalfunnyOpposite Day
26.JanuaryWorld Customs Organization1953 - presentInternationalInternational Customs Day
26.JanuaryAustralianationalAustralia National Day
26.JanuaryInternationalfunnySpouse's Day
26.January1950 - presentIndiaNational Day of Republic of India
27.JanuaryInternationalfunnyChocolate Cake Day
27.JanuaryUnited Nations Organisation2005 - presentInternationalUN officialInternational Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust
27.JanuaryInternationalDay release prisoners of concentration camp Oswiecim, Poland
28.JanuaryCouncil of EuropeInternationalData Protection Day
28.January2007 - presentInternationalfunnyData Privacy Day
28.January1985 - presentInternationalInternational Day of mobilization against nuclear war
29.JanuaryInternationalfunnyPuzzle Day
29.January1770 - presentInternationalDay Invention of the automobile
30.January1933 - presentGermanynationalDay appointment of Adolf Hitler (Schicklgruber) as Chancellor of Germany
30.January1954 - presentInternationalInternational Day to help leprosy sufferers
30.January1948 - presentIndiaRemembrance Day fighters for Indian independence
30.JanuaryInternationalfunnyCroissant Day
30.JanuaryInternationalInternational Day for Non-violence in school
31.JanuaryInternationalfunnyBackwards Day

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