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World and National Days 2018


October 2018
DateOrganisation founderPeriodCountry where applicableHoliday typeDescription
1.October United Nations Organisation 1991 - present International UN official International Day for Older Persons
1.October Jeff Brown 2000 - present International funny Balloons Around the World Day
1.October International national Cyprus's independence day
1.October International El Salvador, Guatemala, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka children's day
2.October 2005 - present Italy Grandparents' Day Italy
2.October Sweden Sweden children's day
2.October International funny Phileas Fogg Wager Day
2.October United Nations Organisation 2007 - present International UN official International Day of Non-Violence
3.October International funny World Smile Day
3.October Singapore Singapore children's day
3.October International Day of German unity
4.October International World animal day
4.October United Nations Organisation International World Space Week
4.October Paper Craft magazine 2006 - present International funny Card Making Day
4.October International Earth's first artificial satellite launch
4.October Israel Israel children's day
4.October International funny Taco Day
5.October Australia Grandparents' Day in Queensland, Australia
5.October Age Concern 2008 - present United Kingdom Grandparents' Day in United Kingdom
5.October chicspy.com 2015 - present International funny Chic Spy Day
5.October Luxembourg Father's Day in Luxembourg
5.October United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization International UN official World Teacher's Day
6.October Boulder Colorado 1986 - present International funny Mad Hatter Day
6.October United Nations Organisation 1986 - present International UN official World Habitat Day
7.October International funny Frappé Day
8.October Australia Universal children's day in Australia
8.October International funny Pierogi Day
9.October International funny Curious Events Day
9.October Romania National Day of Commemorating the Holocaust
9.October Universal Postal Union 1874 - present International UN official World Post Day
10.October World Health Organization International UN official World Mental Health Day
10.October Fiji national Fiji's independence day
10.October 2013 - present International funny Handbag Day
10.October International Egg Commission (IEC) 1996 - present International World Egg Day
11.October International funny It's My Party Day
11.October United Nations Organisation 2012 - present International UN official International Day of the Girl Child
12.October International funny Old Farmers Day
12.October Brazil Brazil children's day
12.October 2010 - present Germany Grandparents' Day in Germany
12.October Junior Chamber International Victoria 1990 - present Hong Kong Grandparents' Day Hong Kong
12.October International national Hispanic Day and National Day of Spain
13.October Malawi Malawi Mother's Day
13.October International funny International Skeptics Day
13.October United Nations Organisation 2010 - present International UN official International Day for Disaster Reduction
14.October 1996 - present Belarus Belarus Mother's Day
14.October International funny Ada Lovelace Day
14.October International World standards day
15.October International funny I Love Lucy Day
15.October United Nations Organisation 2008 - present International UN official World day for rural women
15.October International World day of walking
16.October Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations International UN official World Food Day
16.October Noah Webster International funny Dictionary Day
17.October United Nations Organisation 1993 - present International UN official International Day for the Eradication of Proverty
17.October International funny Wear Something Gaudy Day
18.October International funny Chocolate Cupcake Day
19.October Argentina Argentina Mother's Day
20.October AIUNAU Foundation, Colombia 2010 - present International funny International Sloth Day
20.October(x5) United Nations Organisation 2010 - present International UN official World Statistics Day
20.October Personal Computer Museum, Brantford, Ontario Canada 2010 - present International funny National Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop Day
20.October International International Day of Osteoporosis
21.October International funny Count your Buttons Day
22.October International funny Caps Lock Day
23.October International funny Mole Day
23.October Guatemala Guatemala children's day
24.October United Nations Organisation International Disarmament Week
24.October United Nations Organisation 1970 - present International UN official World Development Information Day
24.October Zambia national Zamia's Independence Day
24.October International funny Bologna Day
24.October United Nations Organisation 1948 - present International UN official United Nations Day
25.October International funny Sourest Day
25.October 1995 - present International World pasta day
25.October International Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan
26.October Austria national National Dany of Austria
26.October 2011 - present Australia Grandparents' Day in New South Wales, Australia
26.October International funny Howl at the Moon Day and Night
27.October United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 2005 - present International UN official World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
27.October International funny American Beer Day
27.October International national Turkmenistan's Independence Day
28.October International funny International Animation Day
28.October International national National Day of Czech
29.October International national National Day of Turkey
29.October International funny Internet Day
29.October 2006 - present United States of America National Cat Day
30.October International funny Candy Corn Day
31.October International funny Magic Day
31.October International Halloween
31.October International International Day of the Black Sea
31.October United Nations Organisation 2014 - present International UN official World Cities Day

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