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World and National Days 2023


September 2023
DateOrganisation founderPeriodCountry where applicableHoliday typeDescription
.September Astronomical Association of Northern California 1973 - present International funny Astronomy Day
first Sunday
first Monday.September
Jimmy Carter 1978 - present United States of America Grandparents' Day in United States
1.September International national National day of Libya
1.September International Day knowledge - "first sound"
1.September International funny No Rhyme or Reason Day
1.September Emma M Nutt International funny Emma Nutt Day
2.September Vietnam national Vietnam's independence day
2.September International funny Bison Ten Yell Day
3.September 1991 - present Moldova national Moldovan National Army Day
3.September 301 - present International Establishment day of San Marino in 301
3.September International funny Skyscraper Day
3.September Qatar national Qatar's independence day
4.September International funny Eat an Extra Dessert Day
5.September International funny Be Late for Something Day
5.September United Nations Organisation International UN official International Day of Charity
5.September International Father's Day in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea
6.September International funny Read a Book Day
6.September 1882 - present International Labor day in United States
6.September International funny Fight Procrastination Day
7.September International funny Salami Day
8.September 1958 - present International International Day of Solidarity of Journalists
8.September FYR Macedonia national Macedonia's independence day
8.September International funny Pardon Day
8.September United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization International UN official International Literacy Day
9.September International funny Teddy Bear Day
9.September International national National day of Korea
9.September Costa Rica Costa Rica children's day
10.September Honduras Honduras children's day
10.September International funny Swap Ideas Day
11.September 1973 - present Chile The Day of military coup d'etat in Chile
11.September International funny Make Your Bed Day
12.September International funny Chocolate Milkshake Day
12.September Estonia Grandparents' Day in Estonia
12.September Latvia Father's Day in Latvia
12.September United Nations Organisation 1978 - present International UN official United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation
13.September International funny Roald Dahl Day
13.September United States of America National Chocolate Day
13.September International funny Positive Thinking Day
14.September Ami Moore International funny Hug Your Hound Day
15.September United Nations Organisation 2007 - present International UN official International Day of Democracy
15.September Costa Rica national Costa Rica's independence day
15.September International funny Make a Hat Day
16.September Mexico national Mexico's independence day
16.September International funny Guacamole Day
16.September United Nations Organisation 1994 - present International UN official International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
16.September International funny Collect Rocks Day
16.September Papua New Guinea national Independence Day of Papua New Guinea
17.September International funny International Country Music Day
18.September International Worldday of geologists
18.September International funny Rice Krispie Treat Day
18.September Chile national Chile's independence day
19.September 1995 - present International funny International Talk Like a Pirate Day
19.September 1998 - present United States of America funny National Gymnastics Day
19.September International International day of peace
20.September 1990 - present Germany Germany children's day
20.September International funny Punch Day
21.September International funny Miniature Golf Day
21.September United Nations Organisation 2002 - present International UN official International Day of Peace (formerly the opening day of the UN General Assembly, changed to a set date as of 2002)
22.September American Tolkien Society 1978 - present International funny Hobbit Day
22.September International The day without transport
23.September International World day of cleaning
23.September International International Day against Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking in Women and Children
23.September Richard Nixon International funny Checkers Day
23.September International national National day of Saudi Arabia
24.September International funny Punctuation Day
25.September International funny Comic Book Day
26.September United Nations Organisation International UN official International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
26.September International World day of clean mountains
26.September International funny Love Note Day
26.September International European languages day
27.September World Tourism Organization International UN official World tourism day
27.September International funny Crush a Can Day
28.September World Health Organization International UN official World Rabies Day
28.September USA 2004 - present International funny Good Neighbor Day
28.September International funny Ask a Stupid Question Day
29.September International funny International Coffee Day
29.September International International day of the heart
30.September International Maritime Organization International UN official World Maritime Day
30.September Botswana national Botswana's independence day
30.September United Nations Organisation 2017 - present International UN official International Translation Day
30.September International funny Hot Mulled Cider Day

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