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International funny or commercial days 2021


April 2021
DateOrganisation founderPeriodCountry where applicableHoliday typeDescription
.AprilAstronomical Association of Northern California1973 - presentUnited States of AmericafunnyAstronomy Day
1.AprilInternationalfunnyFun at Work Day
2.AprilInternationalfunnyInternational Children's Book Day
3.AprilInternationalfunnyWalk to Work Day
3.AprilInternationalfunnyWorld Party Day
4.AprilInternationalfunnyTell a Lie Day
5.AprilInternationalfunnyRead a Road Map Day
5.AprilInternationalfunnyFirst Contact Day
6.AprilInternationalfunnySorry Charlie Day
9.AprilInternationalfunnyBe Kind to Lawyers Day
10.AprilInternationalfunnySiblings Day
11.AprilInternationalfunnyBarbershop Quartet Day
12.AprilInternationalfunnyGrilled Cheese Day
12.AprilInternationalfunnyYuri's Night
13.AprilInternationalfunnyScrabble Day
14.AprilIzzy GesellInternationalfunnyInternational Moment of Laughter Day
16.AprilInternationalfunnyEggs Benedict Day
16.AprilInternationalfunnyWear Pajamas to Work Day
18.April2007 - presentInternationalfunnyRecord Store Day
18.AprilNational Society of Newspaper ColumnistInternationalfunnyColumnist Day
20.AprilInternationalfunnyLook Alike Day
22.AprilInternationalfunnyJelly Bean Day
23.April2011 - presentInternationalfunnyImpossible Astronaut Day
23.AprilInternationalfunnyLover's Day
23.AprilGloria Steinem and the Ms. Foundation for Women1993 - presentInternationalfunnyTake Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
23.AprilInternationalfunnyTake a Chance Day
24.AprilOffice of the Mayor of New YorkCity and Departament of Cultural Affairs2003 - presentInternationalfunnyPoem in Your Pocket Day
25.April2002 - presentInternationalfunnyDNA Day
26.AprilInternationalfunnyPretzel Day
26.AprilInternationalfunnyRichter Scale Day
27.AprilInternationalfunnyWorld Pinhole Photography Day
29.April1913 - presentInternationalfunnyZipper Day
30.April1990 - presentInternationalfunnyHonesty Day

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