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UN international and official days


DateOrganisation founderPeriodCountry where applicableHoliday typeDescription
first Monday.OctoberUnited Nations Organisation1986InternationalUN officialWorld Habitat Day
second Wednesday.OctoberUnited Nations Organisation1990InternationalUN officialInternational Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
1.OctoberUnited Nations Organisation1991InternationalUN officialInternational Day for Older Persons
2.OctoberUnited Nations Organisation2007InternationalUN officialInternational Day of Non-Violence
5.OctoberUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural OrganizationInternationalUN officialWorld Teacher's Day
9.OctoberUniversal Postal Union1874InternationalUN officialWorld Post Day
10.OctoberWorld Health OrganizationInternationalUN officialWorld Mental Health Day
11.OctoberUnited Nations Organisation2012InternationalUN officialInternational Day of the Girl Child
13.OctoberUnited Nations Organisation2010InternationalUN officialInternational Day for Disaster Reduction
15.OctoberUnited Nations Organisation2008InternationalUN officialWorld day for rural women
16.OctoberFood and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsInternationalUN officialWorld Food Day
17.OctoberUnited Nations Organisation1993InternationalUN officialInternational Day for the Eradication of Proverty
20.October(x5)United Nations Organisation2010InternationalUN officialWorld Statistics Day
24.OctoberUnited Nations Organisation1948InternationalUN officialUnited Nations Day
24.OctoberUnited Nations Organisation1970InternationalUN officialWorld Development Information Day
27.OctoberUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization2005InternationalUN officialWorld Day for Audiovisual Heritage
31.OctoberUnited Nations Organisation2014InternationalUN officialWorld Cities Day

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