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World and National Days 2021


April 2021
DateOrganisation founderPeriodCountry where applicableHoliday typeDescription
.AprilAstronomical Association of Northern California1973 - presentUnited States of AmericafunnyAstronomy Day
1.April1906 - presentInternationalWorld day for birds
1.AprilInternationalfunnyFun at Work Day
2.AprilInternationalfunnyInternational Children's Book Day
2.AprilUnited Nations OrganisationInternationalUN officialWorld Autism Awareness Day
2.AprilIrannationalIran - national picnic day
3.AprilInternationalfunnyWorld Party Day
3.AprilInternationalfunnyWalk to Work Day
4.AprilInternationalfunnyTell a Lie Day
4.AprilUnited Nations OrganisationInternationalUN officialInternational Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
4.AprilTaiwanRepublic of China (Taiwan) and Hong Kong children's day
4.April1960 - presentSenegalnationalIndepedence day of Senegal
4.AprilInternationalWomen's day in Taiwan
5.AprilInternationalfunnyRead a Road Map Day
5.AprilInternationalfunnyFirst Contact Day
6.AprilUnited Nations OrganisationInternationalUN officialInternational Day of Sport for Development and Peace
6.AprilInternationalfunnySorry Charlie Day
6.AprilMoldovanationalNational Day of greening the country
7.AprilUnited Nations Organisation1948 - presentInternationalUN officialWorld Health Day
7.AprilUnited Nations Organisation2003 - presentInternationalUN officialInternational Day of Reflection on the Genocide in Rwanda
7.AprilArmeniaArmenia Mother's day, Motherhood and Beauty Day
8.AprilInternationalWorld day of Roma peoples
9.AprilInternationalfunnyBe Kind to Lawyers Day
9.AprilIsraelIsrael children's day
10.AprilInternationalfunnySiblings Day
11.AprilInternationalDay of prisoners of fascist concentration camps
11.AprilInternationalfunnyBarbershop Quartet Day
12.AprilInternationalfunnyYuri's Night
12.AprilInternationalInternational day of Aviation and Aeronautics
12.AprilUnited Nations Organisation2011 - presentInternationalUN officialInternational Day of Human Space Flight
12.AprilBoliviaBolivia children's day
12.AprilInternationalfunnyGrilled Cheese Day
13.AprilInternationalInternational Day of Rock-n-Roll
13.AprilInternationalfunnyScrabble Day
14.AprilIzzy GesellInternationalfunnyInternational Moment of Laughter Day
15.AprilInternationalBirthday of Kim Ir Sen
16.AprilInternationalfunnyEggs Benedict Day
16.AprilInternationalfunnyWear Pajamas to Work Day
16.AprilInternationalBirthday of Queen Elizabeth II
17.AprilSyrianationalNational day of Siria
17.April1948 - presentIsraelnationalIsrael's independence day
17.April1961 - presentCubaDay of victory of counterrevolution
18.AprilNational Society of Newspaper ColumnistInternationalfunnyColumnist Day
18.April2007 - presentInternationalfunnyRecord Store Day
18.April1980 - presentZimbabwenationalZambabwe's independence day
18.AprilInternationalInternational day of historical monuments
19.April1961 - presentInternationalSierra leone Republic Day
20.April1943 - presentInternationalRemembrance day of Holocaust victims
20.AprilInternationalfunnyLook Alike Day
21.April753 - presentInternationalRome's foundation day
22.AprilUnited Nations Organisation1970 - presentInternationalUN officialWorld Earth Day
22.April1500 - presentInternationalDay of discover of Brasil (by the Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral, 1500)
22.AprilInternationalfunnyJelly Bean Day
23.AprilUnited Nations OrganisationInternationalUN officialEnglish Language Day
23.AprilUnited Nations OrganisationInternationalUN officialWorld Book and Copyright Day
23.AprilTurkeyTurkey children's day
23.AprilInternationalfunnyTake a Chance Day
23.April2011 - presentInternationalfunnyImpossible Astronaut Day
23.AprilGloria Steinem and the Ms. Foundation for Women1993 - presentInternationalfunnyTake Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
23.AprilInternationalfunnyLover's Day
24.AprilInternationalInternational Day of Solidarity Youth
24.AprilInternationalWorld Day for Laboratory Animals Protection
24.April-30.AprilWorld Health OrganizationInternationalUN officialWorld Immunization Week
24.AprilInternationalWorld water's Day
24.April1915 - presentArmenia
24.AprilOffice of the Mayor of New YorkCity and Departament of Cultural Affairs2003 - presentInternationalfunnyPoem in Your Pocket Day
25.April2002 - presentInternationalfunnyDNA Day
25.AprilColombiaColombia children's day
25.AprilInternationalANZAC Day. Commemoration of Australia and New Zealand Army Corps who fell in World War
25.AprilWorld Health OrganizationInternationalUN officialWorld Malaria Day
25.April1944 - presentItalyItaly liberation day - day of allied military landing
25.April1975 - presentInternationalSinai liberation day
25.AprilInternationalDay of signing the Accession Treaty of Romania and Bulgaria to the EU in 2005
26.April1986 - presentInternationalCommemorate victims of the Chernobyl accident in 1986
26.AprilInternationalfunnyPretzel Day
26.AprilInternationalfunnyRichter Scale Day
26.April1964 - presentTanzaniaZiua Unirii Republicii Unite Tanzania
26.AprilUnited Nations OrganisationInternationalUN officialWorld Intellectual Property Day
27.AprilTogonationalNational Day of Togo
27.AprilInternationalfunnyWorld Pinhole Photography Day
28.AprilInternational Labour Organization2003 - presentInternationalUN officialWorld Day of Safety and Health at Work
28.AprilInternationalnationalNational Veterans Day in Finland who died in World War II
29.April1982 - presentInternationalInternational Day of Dance
29.AprilUnited Nations OrganisationInternationalUN officialDay of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare
29.April1913 - presentInternationalfunnyZipper Day
30.AprilMexicoMexico children's day
30.AprilInternationalnationalNational Day of Netherlands
30.AprilInternationalWalpurgis Night, which is, according to legend medieval night where spirits and witches rages on Mount Brocken in Harz Mountains (Germany)
30.AprilUnited Nations Organisation2011 - presentInternationalUN officialInternational Jazz Day
30.April1975 - presentVietnamVictory Day in Vietnam. Saigon was released in 1975 (renamed in Ho Chi Minh). This meant the end of the war and bringing together north to south
30.April1990 - presentInternationalfunnyHonesty Day

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