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World and National Days 2020


February 2020
DateOrganisation founderPeriodCountry where applicableHoliday typeDescription
1.February1865 - presentInternationalnationalU.S. National Freedom Day
1.FebruaryLisa KanareInternationalfunnyWork Naked Day
2.FebruaryFood and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsInternationalWorld Wetlands Day
2.FebruaryInternationalfunnyDay of the Crêpe
2.FebruaryInternationalfunnyPlay Your Ukulele Day
3.FebruaryJapannationalMandoro - the ignition holiday of temple lanterns in Casuga Japan (Nara - ancient capital)
3.FebruaryInternationalfunnyCarrot Cake Day
4.FebruaryUnion for International Cancer ControlInternationalUN officialWorld Cancer Day
4.FebruaryInternationalInternational Tacky Email Formatting Day
4.FebruarySri LankanationalNational Day of Sri Lanka
4.FebruaryJapannationalRisiun - the arrival of the spring in Japan
4.FebruaryInternationalfunnyEat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
4.FebruaryInternationalfunnyThank Your Mailman Day
5.FebruaryKosovoKosovo Mother's Day
5.FebruaryInternationalfunnyNational Weatherperson's Day
5.February1917 - presentInternationalnationalConstitution Day in Mexico
6.FebruaryUnited Nations OrganisationInternationalUN officialInternational Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
6.FebruaryInternationalfunnyLame Duck Day
6.February1840 - presentInternationalnational
7.February1974 - presentInternationalnationalGrenada's independence day
7.FebruaryInternationalNorthern Territories Day
7.FebruaryInternationalfunnySend a Card to a Friend Day
8.FebruaryInternationalfunnyLaugh and Get Rich Day
9.FebruaryUnited States of AmericafunnyToothache Day
9.FebruaryInternationalfunnyClean Out Your Computer Day
10.FebruaryInternationalfunnyUmbrella Day
11.FebruaryCatolic church1992 - presentInternationalWorld Day of the Sick
11.FebruaryInternationalfunnyMake a Friend Day
11.FebruaryIrannationalNational Day of Iran
11.FebruaryJapannationalJapanese Empire Day foundation
12.FebruaryNorwayNorway Mother's day
12.FebruaryCharles DarwinInternationalDarwin Day
13.FebruaryUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization2011 - presentInternationalUN officialWorld Radio Day
14.FebruaryInternationalfunnyFerris Wheel Day
14.FebruaryInternationalfunnyLibrary Lovers Day
14.FebruarySaint Valentine's, in Americas and EuropeInternationalValentine's Day
15.FebruaryInternationalfunnyGumdrop Day
15.FebruaryInternationalInternational Day of Peace demonstrations
15.February1989 - presentInternationalThe day of evacuation of Soviet army in Afghanistan
16.FebruaryInternationalfunnyDo a Grouch a Favor Day
16.February1990 - presentInternationalnationalLithuanian Independence Day
17.FebruaryInternationalfunnyRandom Act of Kindness Day
18.February1965 - presentInternationalnationalGambia's Independence Day
18.FebruaryInternationalfunnyBattery Day
19.FebruaryInternationalNew Year Buddhist religion
19.FebruaryInternationalfunnyChocolate Mint Day
20.FebruaryUnited Nations OrganisationInternationalUN officialWorld Day of Social Justice
21.FebruaryUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural OrganizationInternationalUN officialInternational Mother Language Day
22.February1990 - presentInternationalInternational Day in support of victims of crimes
22.FebruaryInternationalfunnyBe Humble Day
23.February1984 - presentInternationalnationalSultanate of Brunei Independence Day
23.FebruaryInternationalfunnyInternational Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
24.FebruaryRomaniaDragobete - celebration of love
24.February1918 - presentEstonianationalNational Day of Estonia
24.FebruaryInternationalfunnyTortilla Chip Day
25.February1961 - presentKuwaitnationalNational Day of Kuwait
25.FebruaryInternationalfunnyWorld Sword Swallowers Day
26.FebruaryInternationalfunnyTell a Fairy Tale Day
27.FebruaryInternationalnationalNational Day of Dominican republic
28.FebruaryInternationalfunnyPublic Sleeping Day

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