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International funny or commercial days


DateOrganisation founderPeriodCountry where applicableHoliday typeDescription
nearest working day of 2.JuneInternationalfunnyLeave the Office Early Day
first Friday.June1938InternationalfunnyNational Doughnut Day
third Saturday.JuneInternational Jugglers Association (IJA)InternationalfunnyWorld Juggling Day
fourth Friday.JuneInternationalfunnyTake Your Dog To Work Day
1.JuneInternationalfunnySay Something Nice Day
3.JuneInternationalfunnyRepeat Day
4.JuneInternationalfunnyHug Your Cat Day
6.June1933InternationalfunnyDrive In Movie Day
7.JuneInternationalfunnyVCR Day
8.JuneInternationalfunnyBest Friends Day
9.JuneInternationalfunnyDonald Duck Day
10.JuneInternationalfunnyIced Tea Day
11.JuneInternationalfunnyCorn on the Cob Day
12.JuneInternationalfunnyRed Rose Day
13.JuneInternationalfunnySewing Machine Day
14.JuneInternationalfunnyBourbon Day
15.JuneThe Noth American Nature Photography Association2006InternationalfunnyNature Photography Day
16.JuneJames JoyceInternationalfunnyBloomsday
17.JuneInternationalfunnyEat your Vegetables Day
18.JuneInternationalfunnyInternational Picnic Day
19.JuneInternationalfunnySauntering Day
21.JuneSolatube InternationalInternationalfunnyDaylight Appreciation Day
22.JuneInternationalfunnyOnion Ring Day
23.June1868InternationalfunnyTypewriter Day
24.JuneInternationalfunnySwim a Lap Day
25.JuneInternationalfunnyPlease Take my Children to Work Day
26.JuneInternationalfunnyChocolate Pudding Day
27.JuneInternationalfunnyHelen Keller Day
28.JuneInternationalfunnyTau Day
29.JuneInternationalfunnyCamera Day
30.JuneInternationalfunnyMeteor Watch Day

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